Lekker Vegan

12th January 2018

The day I saw a poster for this golden snitch I just about fell off my chair!Being newly vegan it’s been a teething process for me and having this beacon of light when all seems sometimes dark, has been a life saver. Any person, super human or not, needs some junk food in their life from time to time.

Conveniently perched on the corner of Harrington and Barrack street in Cape Town, the light and airy atmosphere is super inviting. Before you even enter this little gem you will most likely hear the tunes blasting out of the massive open windows. The staff behind the counter are full of smiles and really add to the experience.

Place your order at the counter, have a chat and take a seat while magic is created!My go to blues-busting-burger is the Lekker Crispy accompanied by an apple and cinnamon Über Flavour ice tea. Seriously it is a recipe for success. If you’re feeling up to it, add on 6 nuggets. Go on, do it. With other delights such as gatsbys, bubblegum ice cream and the best fries hands down, Lekker Vegan doesn’t disappoint.

Thank you to the guys at Lekker Vegan for saving us vegans from having to be satisfied with rabbit food when people don’t know how to feed us! Best believe we will be stopping off on the way home from our Greek Salad experience.

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