Going Nude

5th January 2018

You know how the saying goes, “New Year, new me!” well this year I hope not to be a new me but a better me than last year’s me. One of my goals this year is to try and reduce the amount of waste I produce during my stay on this beautiful planet. It’s the least I can do really. After brushing up on my knowledge of how much waste we produce I am now becoming an increasingly conscious consumer and will no longer be voting, because that’s what you do when you buy things, for companies or organisations that are not doing the best they can to fix the pickle we are currently in.

In all honesty this whole new lens on how badly we are actually affecting our planet can be rather daunting. It’s so easy to carry on with our heads in the sand, being constantly supplied convenience goods at the cost of another or our planet. It’s nice to feel comfortable for those of us who even have the luxury of being in this position. It’s warm and fuzzy to live without considering how our choices and actions affect the world around us but at some point the cookie is going to crumble.

You do not have to be a raging environmental warrior at the front of the protest, screaming into your loudhailer with a hemp bandana stopping your frustration-sweat from blinding you as you signal the charge to be an important part of this revolution. It’s really simple. Start with something small, make it a habit and then add something new and so on. Let’s start by maybe reducing the amount of packaging we use?

Nude Foods, started by Sherene Kingma and Paul Rubin, has answered our prayers this year by opening a plastic-free shop which was inspired by the ever-growing zero waste movement. This will make your life much easier when it comes to stocking your cupboards with high quality produce and zero plastic.

Nude Foods has made it super simple, you can arrive with your own glass jars or containers and fill em up, or you can purchase some there. I would suggest using ones you already have, as there’s no real need to buy more. Nude offers a whole range of products such as nuts, seeds, grains, staples, oils, fresh produce, ready to eat snacks, beauty products, kitchen products and tools you might need going forward on your zero waste journey.

I loved the experience of filling my own jars with all the good stuff and also became a lot more conscious of the quantities I actually needed in my kitchen, which cuts down wastage too.Nude stocks higher-end products but to be honest, their prices are super competitive as most packaged goods are a little more expensive.

Thank you so much Nude Foods for being front-runners in this shift. I look forward to refilling my jars at my next visit! Also, if you happen to be in around late afternoon, why not stroll over to Lekker Veganfor a bite after your shop? Its around the corner. If you don’t use one of their biodegradable straws for your beverage, take your new bamboo one with from Nude Foods!

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